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Insulation principle of electric kettle
- Jul 19, 2018 -

With the insulation function of the kettle, most have two heat pipe, there is a heat insulation heat pipe is controlled by the insulation switch, it allows users to control the choice whether the insulation.

Thermal insulation power generally under 50W, an hour is usually not more than 0.1 degrees of electricity consumption. Key components: The key component of the electric kettle is the thermostat, the temperature controller's quality and service life decide the kettle's quality and service life. Thermostat is divided into: simple thermostat, simple + sudden-jump thermostat, waterproof, dry-burning thermostat.

Recommended consumers to buy waterproof, dry burning thermostat electric kettle. Other components: In addition to the key thermostat, an electric kettle composition must include these basic components: the opening of the button, kettle top cover, power switch, handle, power LED, heating site, etc.