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how to change the toilet seat cover?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Toilet seat , how to choose it ?

Choose what kind of toilet seat cover to adapt to their own home toilet. Too big or too small are not appropriated, it is best to consult professional to get the right type. You only need to:

Make sure that the toilet is locked or not. If you don't know, you can take the side view of the toilet to the store.

Measuring the size of the toilet seat : length, width, hole distance, box distance, the tail end of the toilet, if there is a arc, also need to measure the width of the tail, to prevent the new buy toilet cover can not open the tail end.

1. hole spacing: the distance between the two mounting holes at the rear of the toilet.

2. length: the distance from the center point to the front end of the toilet.

3. width: the distance from the center of the length to the sides of the toilet.

4. tail width: the length of the toilet opening to the sides of the toilet.

5. box spacing: the vertical distance between the installation hole and the toilet tank.

Note: after measuring these data, you can also measure the size of the installation holes, the diameter of the installation holes is between 14-17 millimeters, and the lock can be used to install the toilet seat cover.