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12L solid wood basket fruit press
- Oct 11, 2018 -

【Large Capacity】With 1.6 Gallon 3.2 Gallon and 4.8 Gallon capacity to choose from, this fruit and wine press is a great choice for you and your family to share abundant fruit juice or wine together. You can Do It Yourself and enjoy the happiness of squeezing well-content juice.

【Solid Construction】Made of oak basket which is moisture proof and resistant to insects (However, you'd better to keep it dry after usage for its longer lifespan). Equipped with easy pour bottom spout and enameled steel base which prolongs its service time.

【Easy to Operate】Load the crushed fruits into the barrel cage, ratchet down the press, and the juice is squeezed out smoothly. Easy to use and pressed your fruits to perfection - what a time saver!

【Clean It Quickly】After finishing squeezing the juice, you can get the clearance under the drain easily.

【Warm Prompt】Fruit taste very good after oak press, it can be using for apples, grapes or other soft or pulped fruit. Easy to press grapes and other fruit into juice, cider, or wine. Hard fruits like apple pears, please chop before use.